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Is Apple Arcade on Android?

Apple Arcade is a solid deal, but can Android users subscribe to the service?
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Apple Arcade is a great way to play a bunch of games for a monthly fee on iPhone and iPad. But, what about Android users? Is Apple Arcade on Android?

Android users have the Google Play Pass, which acts similarly to Apple Arcade. It allows users to pay $4.99 a month for access to hundreds of games and apps.

But Play Pass and Apple Arcade have different games. What if you are on Android and want iOS games? Well, we have bad news.

Can Android users get Apple Arcade?

Sadly, Android users cannot get Apple Arcade on their device(s).

Apple Arcade is limited to those with iOS and macOS devices. This means the iPhone, iPad, and computers and laptops from Apple.

Apple Arcade alternatives

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As mentioned above, the best bet will be the Google Play Pass. This is a stellar deal that gives you access to a bunch of games and premium apps.

At $4.99 a month, it is a solid value, but it gets even better. If you are sure you will use Play Pass, you can also get a full-year subscription for only $29.99.

Subscriptions are only one way to play games on mobile

At the end of the day, mobile gamers need to ask themselves if yet another subscription service is right for them.

While it is a great way to gain access to a bunch of fun games, it can be difficult to really get the full value of these subscriptions.

Realistically, can you play tens of games each month? If the answer is a definitive ‘no,’ you might be better off sticking to F2P games or buying games individually.

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