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Is Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud pay-to-win?

Will you have to open up your wallet to enjoy the game, or can you chill as an F2P player?
neural cloud characters
Credit: Neural Cloud

Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud has been highly-anticipated among gacha gamers, and it’s finally here. But is it pay-to-win?

When dealing with gacha games, it isn’t surprising to find out that many of them make it difficult for F2P players to progress.

Neural Cloud is a strategy RPG based on Girls Frontline. GF wasn’t exactly pay-to-win, but did have monetization options that made progression easier.

But with the new strategy RPG, will player skill be the determining factor for victory? Or will it mean figuring out how much you have to spend?

We’ll not keep you waiting: Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud is not pay-to-win, according to Chinese players.

Neural Cloud’s gacha mechanics explained

neural cloud 3 star characters
Credit: Neural Cloud

According to players in China (who have had the game for a year), Neural Cloud is pretty generous with its premium currency.

This means that most free-to-play players that play daily will be able to get around 60 pulls a month toward new characters.

That doesn’t even include events, which brings that number even higher.

There’s also a Battle Pass for $10 a month and a monthly $5 card that gives you a bit of currency and some pulls every month.

Gacha rates and pity system

In China, the current Neural Cloud pull rates for top-rated characters (3-star) is 3%.

The pity system is set at 60 for the base. But, that doesn’t provide featured characters, only a random character.

You have to get to 180 to get the guaranteed featured character.

Thankfully, using a little napkin math, having to go to 180 pity for the featured character will be rare.

Many two-star characters are viable

neural cloud gameplay bluestacks
Credit: MobileBytesGG

In addition to decent pull rates and currency allowance, Neural Cloud’s two-star characters are really good.

This means that with enough investment, many of the easier-to-obtain characters will be able to carry you through the story and many of the harder activities.

No PvP at present in Neural Cloud

Ultimately, Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud isn’t pay-to-win because there isn’t any real player-vs-player battling at present.

Fighting against other players for top-tier rewards usually results in the whales taking the top spot and making the competition sweaty.

Of course, PvP could be added in the future, and if that happens, we’ll make sure to update this article.

Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud is available on Android, iOS, and through emulators like BlueStacks.

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