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Is Guardian Tales pay-to-win?

Guardian Tales is extremely popular, but is the game P2W? Here’s what to know.
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Guardian Tales is an extremely popular mobile game that’s now available on the Nintendo Switch. But is it pay-to-win?

Look, we’ll cut to the chase. Guardian Tales isn’t pay-to-win (P2W), but that doesn’t tell the whole story. It comes down to what you want from the mobile game.

Nearly by definition, gacha games like Guardian Tales give players that spend money advantages. In this game, that comes in the form of better heroes, better weapons, and more.

But to fully understand Guardian Tales and its P2W mechanics, keep reading below.

Do you have to spend money in Guardian Tales?

guardian tales summon screen with limited dancing archer tinia
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No, you don’t have to spend money in Guardian Tales. You’ll earn enough premium currency, called Diamonds, to summon heroes and weapons. But it does take patience.

It will take time to save up enough Diamonds to hopefully pull the SSR characters you want. This is made a bit more difficult by Guardian Tales’ pity system.

To break it down even further, keep reading below to compare Guardian Tales‘ pay-to-win levels.

Spending money isn’t necessary for PvE content

boss battle in guardian tales
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When discussing P2W elements in gacha games, it often comes down to player-vs-everything (PvE) content versus player-vs-player (PvP) content.

In many games, including Guardian Tales, you can complete all of the PvE content if you ok with grinding to level up your limited character pool and weapons.

Of course, money does make this quicker, but it isn’t necessary.

Spending money is required for competitive PvP

Many gacha games include PvP gameplay that encourages people to spend money. That’s because whales love to flex on others, and the best way to do that is in PvP content.

Because of this, if Guardian Tales‘ PvP is something you are interested in, be prepared to drop some money to get the best PvP characters and weapons.

Players can totally play PvP without spending a lot of money and get some weekly rewards, but you will struggle to reach the highest levels of competitive PvP.

Guardian Tales isn’t P2W, but spending definitely helps

At the end of the day, Guardian Tales isn’t P2W if you plan on sticking to PvE and single-player content. But if you want to dive into PvP, you’re going to struggle.

With things like this, it’s also important to remember to never spend more than you can afford to lose. Gacha games, by nature, reward players that spend more money.

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