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Is Limbus Company pay-to-win?

Limbus Company seems great, but will you have to sell a kidney to reach end-game?
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Limbus Company is a 2023 mobile game with a unique art style and story-driven gameplay. But does that come at the cost of a predatory monetization model?

We’ll cut to the chase. At the time of this writing (March 2023), Limbus Company seems to be pretty free-to-play friendly.

Thankfully, from our early impressions of the game, Limbus Company manages monetization pretty well.

The game’s story-driven gameplay allows for a wide range of characters, and thankfully it doesn’t use a dupe system.

What to know about Limbus Company’s monetization

As mentioned, the game doesn’t use a unit dupe (duplicate) system.

That means you don’t have to stress about getting multiple copies of Identities (playable characters).

Additionally, E.G.O.’s (artifacts) can only be obtained once from the gacha system. Afterward, they are removed from the loot pool.

Of course, players are already finding certain story missions difficult. But, for the most part, this doesn’t seem to be tied to gacha mechanics.

Does Limbus Company have a season pass?

Yes, the game does have a season pass, called a Limbus Pass, that players can purchase for real money. We’ll update this when a firm price is available.

There is a free tier, as well, but it doesn’t offer nearly as many rewards.

As long as the Limbus Pass is under $20 USD, we believe it will offer a solid value for the price and will not make Limbus Company lean towards pay-to-win monetization.

Limbus Company has a lot of potential

Ultimately, it seems the game has a lot going for it: an engaging story and interesting characters can take this game far.

While we haven’t loved the gameplay aspects of the game, we fully acknowledge that it comes down to each player.

And, thankfully, Limbus Company doesn’t seem pay-to-win at this time.

We’ll continue to update this post as we dive into the game.

Limbus Company is available on Android, iOS, Steam, and emulators like BlueStacks.

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