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Is Marvel Snap pay-to-win?

Digital card games are usually P2W, but is that the case with Marvel Snap?
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Marvel Snap is a great mobile card game, but is it pay-to-win like many digital card games?

When dealing with digital trading card games, monetization is often in the form of booster packs. These packs have a chance to contain super powerful cards that give you an advantage against other players.

Is that the case with Marvel Snap? Will you be expected to drop loads of cash on the game?

Is Marvel Snap P2W?

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We have great – but surprising – news. At present, Marvel Snap is not pay-to-win. In fact, most monetization efforts are in the form of alternate card art.

That said, there is a battle pass available for $10. The Marvel Snap season pass does include a selection of cards that can’t be earned without the pass.

But we’re hard-pressed to call that pay-to-win.

Additionally, season pass cards are eventually added to the pool of obtainable cards you can get from upgrading cards and opening Collectors Caches.

But, those cards are some of the rarest cards in Marvel Snap, as they are introduced as Pool 5 cards.

There is one other note about upgrading cards that can help you level up quicker.

Spending money to upgrade your cards and level up quicker

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The best way to unlock new cards is through your Collection Level. This gets raised by upgrading your cards.

While you can upgrade your cards naturally through gameplay, there are ways to upgrade cards quickly.

You can buy real-money currency (gold) to buy credits, which can be used to upgrade a certain number of cards each day. By doing so, you can quickly raise your Collection Level.

This can obviously be a powerful mechanic to unlock cards quicker, but still not quite in the pay-to-win category.

Marvel Snap is great, free fun

We’re still diving into the game, so we’ll provide more insight as we play more PvP and learn more about the game.

But for now, feel comfortable that you can get hours of enjoyment from the new card game without having to spend a dime.

Want to know more about turn order in Marvel Snap? We’ve got you covered!

Marvel Snap is now available on AndroidiOS, BlueStacks, and Steam.

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