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Is Street Fighter: Duel pay-to-win?

Street Fighter: Duel is a new idle game from Crunchyroll Games, but what is the monetization structure like?
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Street Fighter: Duel released on mobile devices in February 2023, and one of the main things people want to know is details about its monetization structure.

With mobile games, knowing if a game is pay-to-win (P2W) before starting can save you a lot of time (or money). So, what’s up with SF: Duel?

We’ll cut to the chase, Street Fighter: Duel leans heavily into pay-to-win mechanics.

Look, we’re not going to call this game a cash grab, because it is too early to really tell. But Crunchyroll Games doesn’t have the best track record (looking at you, My Hero Academia)

There are a handful of things that point towards a strong P2W structure in Street Fighter: Duel that we’ll dive into below.

How is Street Fighter: Duel P2W?

One of the first things to jump out at us was the fact this game is an Idle game. Typically, these games require tons of duplicates of premium SSR characters to advance far into the story or PVP.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide if that is a huge factor in your decision. Tons of people enjoy Idle games without ever spending a dollar.

But, to add to that, the developers have continued to open up new servers as a way to spread out multiple leaderboards in PVP. Essentially, this is encouraging people to whale on their accounts to get to the top of their individual servers.

Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean the game is predatory in its gacha system, but it does really work hard to part you with your hard-earned money.

Is Street Fighter: Duel fun?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if this game is one you want to stick with.

Idle games, by nature, are very generous with premium currency at first, but that pool of generosity quickly dries up.

Also, as a note, we are still early in our journey, so we’ll continue to update this post as we play more Street Fighter: Duel.

Street Fighter: Duel is available on Android, iOS, and emulators like BlueStacks.

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