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Is TapTap better than the Play Store?

TapTap is pretty great for mobile games, but is it better than the Google Play Store?
taptap app store on android phone
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The TapTap store has rapidly increased in popularity. A lot of people are now seeing the TapTap store as a viable alternative to the Google Play Store. But is TapTap better than the Play Store?

If you are reading this post, you probably know what TapTap is and some of its benefits, but adding alternate app stores to your phone or Android emulator can seem a bit sketchy.

It also often requires sideloading depending on your phone, which can be a pain.

So, is it worth getting your apps from TapTap? Is it actually better than the Google Play Store? Let’s take a look.

When TapTap is better than the Play Store

taptap on smartphone
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First and foremost, we want to point out that TapTap is a legit store for downloading games. We know that people can be somewhat dubious of downloading games from a store that isn’t the standard Google Play Store. However, we assure you that you are in safe hands with TapTap.

More relaxed store rules

For the most part, TapTap is roughly the same as Google Play. However, more relaxed rules for content mean that you may end up finding games and other apps that you wouldn’t typically find on the Google Play store.

This is especially helpful when you are looking for games that are a bit more unique, or ones that aren’t typically available in your region.

Region-locked games and TapTap

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While the Play Store most likely has most of the games you are interested in, some gamers may find that new gacha games aren’t available to them.

These games might be region-locked to certain areas of the world. Thankfully, TapTap often gives users the ability to download games from other regions.

Even better, these mobile games often have localization options that translate the text into your language.

TapTap is optimized for mobile games

Some people have also discovered that certain games that are downloaded through TapTap tend to be a bit better optimized.

One of the more prominent games here is Genshin Impact. A lot of players that play the game on mobile tend to find that the game runs far smoother when downloaded from the TapTap store. Of course, your results may vary on this depending on your device.

Finally, TapTap will allow you to download games and apps, even if your device doesn’t normally support the app.

This is not something that you can do with the Google Play store. This means that if you have an older device, you may find that the Google Play store doesn’t actually support it.

When the Play Store is better than TapTap

google play store on generic android smartphone
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Of course, the Play Store benefits from the fact that it is installed as standard on all Android devices. It is easily accessible. You have to jump through hoops to get TapTap installed on your tablet or smartphone.

The Play Store is a tried-and-true product

Many people have a lot more confidence in the Play Store too. This is because the apps tend to go through a much more rigorous testing process than they would have to go through on the TapTap store.

As a result, you are less likely to deal with bugs or optimization issues. Additionally, you are less likely to deal with malware or other malicious software.

Final word

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TapTap is not better than the Play Store, and the Play Store is not better than TapTap. They both fill their own unique niches.

It is worth using both to download your games and apps. Nowadays, a lot of mobile gamers lean towards TapTap, though. This is because of the many options players have that may not always be available in their region.

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