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Is the Royal Match mobile game like the ads?

Royal Match’s ads show a match-type puzzle game that looks interesting, but it doesn’t fully represent the actual mobile game.
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If you’ve played any mobile games on your phone recently (especially puzzle games), you’ve probably seen an ad or two for Royal Match. But are the ads deceptive?

Essentially, Royal Match ads showcase a puzzle/matching game that adds to the pressure by requiring players to save characters in precarious situations. It looks like a lot of fun honestly!

But, sadly, many mobile games that showcase this type of gameplay are deceptive, and these puzzles act as mini-games, not the full game. Is the same true for Royal Match?

We’ll cut to the chase – Royal Match is a match-3 type puzzle game. However, the tasks shown in ads are actually a mini-game and players will not encounter those types of puzzles frequently.

So, the above response is the quick answer and, honestly, what you need to know. We’ll provide some additional info and context below, but that should cover the main question.

Royal Match gameplay and FAQ

royal match mobile game
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Royal Match’s gameplay is similar to many match-3 type puzzle games on the market. Players need to clear boards to earn rewards that they will use to improve their castle and kingdom.

The Kingdom building portion is a secondary part of the game and something that really happens automatically.

royal match mini game like ads
Credit: MobileBytesGG

We have played the game for a handful of hours now and have only encountered two of the mini-games that are present in Royal Match’s ads.

It’s a bit disappointing, but the main offering is a solid puzzle game. So, if you are looking for a new matching puzzle game and like the idea of the timed events from the ad, the game is probably worth checking out.

Royal Match is available on Android, iOS, and emulators like BlueStacks.

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