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Is there a booster cap in Marvel Snap?

Surprisingly, there is a booster cap, but most players won’t reach it.
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One of the coolest aspects of Marvel Snap is collecting boosters for the cards you’re using to level them up with new colors and animations.

As you play games in Marvel Snap, you’ll earn boosters for cards that are in your deck. Only one card will earn a handful of boosters after each game.

Along with credits you earn for completing daily missions, you use those hero-specific boosters to upgrade cards to higher tiers, earning more Collection Level.

Credits are limited daily by the number of daily quests that are offered. But what about boosters? Is there a limit to how many boosters you can earn in a single day?

Are there daily booster limits in Marvel Snap?

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Yes, there is a limit to how many boosters you can earn in a single day in Marvel Snap. Currently, players can earn 1,000 boosters every day.

Yes, there is a limit to how many boosters you can earn in a single day. Currently, players can only earn 1,000 boosters every day.

The game added booster limits in its first major update in June 2022. The devs implemented these limits to help balance the different currencies in the game, and the original limit was 200 boosters per day.

However, players felt very limited by this booster cap. In Marvel Snap, you average around five boosters per game played (six for wins and four for losses).

With the 200 booster limit, players were able to reach the limit in right around two hours of gameplay (assuming around three minutes per game played).

However, the devs quickly updated that booster limit, increasing it to 1,000 per day shortly after the original patch.

Now you would have to play about 10 hours daily to reach the limit. That should affect far fewer players than the original 200 booster limit.

Are there booster limits for individual cards?

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As we noted earlier, boosters are specific to each card in Marvel Snap. When you finish a game, you’ll earn boosters for one of the cards in your hand.

Those boosters will go into a collection you can use to upgrade that specific card or its variants.

As far as we know, there are no limits to how many boosters you can have for a specific card.

You will earn more boosters than you do credits. So your booster pool can quickly grow, especially if you continue to use the same card in many of your games.

Most players shouldn’t have to worry about booster limits

While the game technically does limit the amount of boosters you can earn in a day, most players shouldn’t have to worry about that.

You can earn up to 1,000 boosters, which would take most players, on average, around 10 hours of playtime.

Only the most dedicated Marvel Snap players are likely to reach that number. And even if you do, you probably won’t have enough credits to make use of all of those boosters.

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