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Is there a way to delete stickers in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go lets you add stickers to gifts, but you can accumulate a ton of them. Do they take up inventory space and can you delete them?
pokemon go on iphone 14 showing stickers screen
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When you send gifts to friends in Pokémon Go, you have the option to add a fun sticker to the postcard. But having to scroll through tons of stickers to find the one you want isn’t fun. Is there a way to delete stickers in Pokémon Go?

We’ll cut to the chase. No, there isn’t a way to delete stickers in Pokémon Go. In fact, the only way to get ride of stickers in Pokémon Go is by attaching them to gifts and sending them to friends.

But we do have some good news when it comes to stickers in the hit mobile game.

If you are worried about your inventory space when it comes to stickers, that is a non-issue. Stickers do not take up inventory space.

That means you can have thousands of stickers without worrying about making room for more lures and Pokéballs.

But, do stickers actually do anything in Pokémon Go, and is there a way to see all of the stickers you currently have? Let’s dive in.

How many stickers can you have in Pokémon Go?

stickers screen in items menu
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You can have an unlimited amount of different sticker designs in Pokémon Go.

Developer Niantic releases new designs all the time, so prepare to have a bunch of different ones to choose from.

But, it is important to remember that you can only have 25 of an individual design. This doesn’t come up often, but if you play a lot during certain events, you might reach that cap.

Do stickers do anything in Pokémon Go?

pokemon go stickers on the gift screen
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Now that you know that stickers don’t take up inventory space (and can’t be deleted), let’s dive into their purpose.

Ultimately, stickers are a fun way to add flair to your gifts in Pokémon Go. They can mark a special event or favorite Pokémon.

But, that’s not all they can do. Sometimes, Pokémon Go has research tasks that ask players to send gifts with stickers attached.

These tasks can reward players with Pokéballs, berries, and sometimes Pokémon encounters.

How to see all of your stickers in Pokémon Go

If you want to see all of the stickers you have collected, you can do that from your inventory.

It’s also possible to see them all when sending gifts, but it is easier to see an overview from your inventory screen, here’s how:

Time needed: 1 minute

To see all of your stickers in Pokémon Go, do this:

  1. Open the Pokémon Go app

    Once opened, tap on the Pokéballpogo app homescreen

  2. Navigate to the Items menu

    In the bottom-right, tap the Items optionitems menu location in pogo

  3. In the Items menu

    Once you are in the Items menu, scroll down until you see Stickers and tap the optionstickers menu location in pokemon go

Once you tap on the Stickers icon in the Items menu, you will be presented with a scrollable list of all the Pokémon Go stickers you have, plus how many of each one.

Stickers are a fun addition to the game

At the end of the day, stickers in Pokémon Go are a fun addition. They don’t really take away anything from the game, but do add a fun spin to gifts and some research tasks.

Hopefully, this guide has broken down stickers — what they do, how many you can have, and more — and you’ll be better equipped with this knowledge going forward.

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