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Is Torchlight: Infinite multiplayer?

Games are better with friends, so can you play with them in Torchlight: Infinite?
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Torchlight: Infinite is now available. But what if you want to play with your friends, is Torchlight: Infinite multiplayer?

We’ll cut to the chase. Torchlight: Infinite has been created with multiplayer in mind. In fact, many of the systems are built around playing with others. But the systems are unavailable as of Season 2 of Torchlight: Infinite.

While there seem to be some heavy pay-to-win elements in Torchlight: Infinite, we’re hoping the multiplayer gameplay can make up for it.

Torchlight: Infinite multiplayer gameplay

Once the game is officially released, there will be multiple ways to interact with other players.

For one, you’ll be able to do in-game activities, like dungeon crawling, with other players. That, by itself, should be a blast, especially with friends.

On top of that, Torchlight: Infinite is planning an in-game trading house. Here, players should be able to buy and sell items they find during their quests.

Time will tell if that trading house becomes abused. But considering how terribly it went in Diablo III, we’re not feeling very optimistic at this time.

Is there PvP in Torchlight: Infinite?

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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Player-vs-player combat can be extremely hit-or-miss in mobile games. Often, advantages come down to who spends the most money.

That can be discouraging and push people away. In Torchlight: Infinite, there are currently no PvP elements. That could change in the future, but for now, XD Inc (the developers) is focused on single-player and PvE content.

Torchlight: Infinite has some solid potential

We are definitely worried about the pay-to-win elements mentioned earlier in the article. But we are keeping our fingers crossed for Torchlight: Infinite.

We had such high hopes for Diablo Immortal and would love a great ARPG to play on our phones. But time will tell if this is the mobile ARPG of our dreams or just another nightmare.

Torchlight: Infinite is available on iOS, Android, and Steam as an open beta release.

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