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Is Torchlight: Infinite pay-to-win?

Torchlight: Infinite was supposed to be the answer for Diablo Immortal’s P2W elements. But how does it stack up?
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Torchlight: Infinite is the mobile take on what has been a popular ARPG series for years. The game is now available, and players have been quick to dive in. But is Torchlight: Infinite pay-to-win?

Look, we’re not going to make you read a ton of information to find the answer. Sadly, Torchlight: Infinite leans heavily into pay-to-win (P2W) elements. But, as with most things, it’s not completely black and white.

Players are reporting that many advantages can be purchased. Some reviewers have even noted that its monetization is worst than Diablo Immortal. But, from our experience, we wouldn’t go that far.

That’s the quick answer – continue reading below to learn more about Torchlight: Infinite’s monetization efforts.

What makes Torchlight: Infinite pay-to-win?

torchlight infinite gameplay showing loot drops
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While some items in the shop can help you power up on your journey, the game’s pet system, called Pactspirits, seems to be the most prevalent example of P2W elements.

Pactspirits are locked behind a traditional gacha mechanic, loot boxes. These loot boxes reward players with Pactspirits of different rarities and abilities.

pactspirit with different powers
Credit: Torchlight: Infinite

The super rare ones are obviously the most powerful and can drastically boost your stats and provide additional perks.

Some of the rarest Pactspirits can provide boosts of up to 40% to your account. And that doesn’t even account for the other perks that take your character to the next level.

Those perks include things like multistrike and dealing double damage with attacks. On top of that, certain rare Pactspirits improve the drop change of specific rare materials.

These materials are used in crafting and various other shops to buy meta gear that is generally believed to be required for late game content.

Clearly, these Pactspirits, which you have an extremely small chance of getting, give an advantage to paying players.

The game locks characters behind a Battle Pass

In addition to the Pactspirits, which play a huge role in your overall damage potential, there’s another P2W mechanic that people aren’t excited about.

The game is currently locking one of its playable characters behind a $15 Battle Pass. Typically with systems like this, skins are locked, not the actual character.

Granted, the character themselves isn’t pay-to-win, but it’s still not a great system and one that can push people away from the F2P game.

Do you have to spend money in Torchlight: Infinite?

Of course, it is important to remember that games are what you make them. This especially rings true for mobile games that lean into different forms of monetization.

If you are content with enjoying Infinite’s gameplay mechanics and base loot systems, you can probably still find hours of fun in the game.

That said, as time goes on, you might feel more pressured to spend money in order to boost your damage and compete at higher levels of difficult content.

It’s still a bit too early to know exactly what the low-spender and F2P endgame will be like in Torchlight: Infinite, but we’ll continue to update this as more information is made available.

Another solid game plagued by P2W elements

It’s a shame to see. At one point, it was believed that the game would rely on only a cosmetics shop, but that is obviously not the case.

Hopefully, the multiplayer in Torchlight: Infinite makes up for some of the P2W elements, but time will tell.

Torchlight: Infinite is available on iOS, Android, and Steam as an open beta release. We’ll wait and see if the developer, XD Inc., updates any monetization efforts, but we’re not holding our breath.

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