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It finally happened: Someone made Minecraft inside of Minecraft

YouTuber Sammyuri has done the impossible by using redstone to make Minecraft…inside of Minecraft.
minecraft being played inside of minecraft
Credit: YouTube

Minecraft’s redstone community is a dedicated one, having created a ton of amazing things. Now, something that has been memed about for nearly a decade is a reality. You can play Minecraft inside Minecraft.

Sammyuri is the creator of what could be one of the most ambitious Minecraft projects of all time. The redstone build uses no command blocks, no datapacks, and no mods.

According to the creator, there are “16 different block types, 32 different items, and dozens of game mechanics.”

Watch Sammyuri play Minecraft inside Minecraft

Just check out the video above and look at the sheer amount of blocks and redstone connections that have been made to accomplish this Herculean feat.

The project took over seven months to complete and while footage has to be sped up quite a bit, players can still mine, craft, uses chests, and more.

It’s quite possible this is the coolest Minecraft build of all time. At the very least, it’s certainly one of the most technically impressive ones.

Now, onto the next challenge. Minecraft, inside of Minecraft, inside of Minecraft. Just how far down can we take this meme and does anyone have the computational power to make it happen?

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  1. As a redstoner myself, I’m feeling lucky to be the first commenter here to praise Sammyuri. He deserves my utmost respect.

      I still am honestly in disbelief. The work that went into the project is mindblowing!

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