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Marvel Snap card pools explained

Card Pools determine which cards you get as rewards.
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Marvel Snap’s card system is great, but can be confusing if you don’t understand card pools. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

Officially called “Series,” players have adopted the term “Pool” to explain how you unlock certain sets of cards.

This is going to be a bigger piece, so make sure to use the table of contents above to bounce around as needed.

How many card pools are there?

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Currently, there are three pools in Marvel Snap – Pool 1, Pool 2, and Pool 3 (also referred to as Series 1-3).

But, in December, two new pools will be unlocked, Pool 4 and 5. These pools transcend the rules in place for the first three, however.

We’ll explain more about that below, but essentially, Pool 4 and Pool 5 are very rare. Additionally, the cards within the pool can be obtained anytime.

Marvel Snap card pools broken down by Collection Level

As mentioned, there are five total pools, each with its own unique collection of cards.

For Series/Pool 1-3, you cannot advance to the next one until you have unlocked all the cards in your current pool.

Within each Pool, your rewards are randomized, but by the time you reach the last Collection Level in the pool, you’ll have all cards.

QUICK ANSWER: Pool 1 goes from Collection Level 18-221. Pool 2 is 222-486. And Pool 3 is 487+.

If you would like to know more about each Pool, keep reading below.

Pool 1

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In Pool/Series 1, players earn the more basic cards of the mobile game. You will earn these cards from Collection Level 18-221.

Expect cards like Elektra, Rocket Racoon, Cable, America Chavez, Moon Girl, Multiple Man, Scarlet Witch, and more in this pool.

Pool 2

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In Pool/Series 2, players start getting the foundational parts of certain mechanics, like move and discard decks. These cards are obtained from Collection Level 222-486.

Hobgoblin, Storm, Agent 13, Cloak, Ebony Maw, Iceman, Killmonger, Morbius, Scorpion, Warpath, and more are found in this pool.

Pool 3

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Finally, you have Pool/Series 3. This is a huge section and one you are probably still working on.

Series 3 contains a multitude of different cards that build on the mechanics in Pool/Series 2. You’ll also find some new mechanics in this section as well. Pool/Series 3 starts at Collection Level 487.

Pool 3 is where the fun starts with cards like Red Skull, Sera, Wave, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Patriot, Wasp, and more.

How does matchmaking work with Marvel Snap pools?

At present, players will compete against others in the same Pool. Ideally, this allows newcomers to play each other and seasoned vets to compete in their own groups of players.

This is a good system, as it doesn’t really give an advantage to either player and keeps card advantage low, and rewards skill.

That said, it seems Pool 4 and 5 work differently, and you may face opponents that have pulled cards from those Pools/Series already.

Marvel Snap continues to get better

Ultimately, the mobile card game continues to improve and we can’t wait to see what the developers have planned.

We think Marvel Snap is one of the best digital card games of all time, and we love its gameplay and monetization structure.

Marvel Snap is available on AndroidiOSBlueStacks, and Steam.

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