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What is the Cosmic Cube in Marvel Snap and how do you use it?

Marvel Snap is full of interesting mechanics, but the Cosmic Cube and ‘Snap’ feature might be our favorite.
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Marvel Snap features some interesting mechanics, but the Cosmic Cube is definitely the most unique. So what is the Cosmic Cube in Marvel Snap, and how do you use it?

First, the Cosmic Cube is the purple cube located between both players’ names during the match. Typically, it will display the number one.

While the game gives you a quick tutorial, it’s easy for newer players to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we’ll break down the Cosmic Cube and teach you about the Snap mechanic in Marvel Snap.

What is the Cosmic Cube in Marvel Snap?

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The Cosmic Cube allows players to essentially “bet” the other player that they will win the Marvel Snap match. The action is called a “Snap.”

The higher the number of the Cosmic Cube, the more your ranking will increase — but only if you win!

If you Snap and lose, however, expect your ranking to drop even more than it would otherwise.

How to use the Cosmic Cube

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If you are ready to Snap on your opponent, we’ve got you covered on how it all works.

To use the feature, simply tap the cube during a match. You can do it on any turn, but we recommend waiting until you are confident in your ability to win the match.

Because remember, if you lose, the amount of penalty points applied to your overall rank is greater.

Can you Snap more than once?

Yes! Both you can your opponent can Snap multiple times in a match. The max number you will see on the Cosmic Cube is 8.

We hope you are confident in your cards! Because that is going to hurt quite a bit if you lose.

Ways to avoid the Snap penalty for losing

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If your opponent Snaps you during a match and you are pretty sure you are going to lose, don’t panic.

If you retreat after your opponent Snaps, you will lose some rank, but not as much if you stay in the match and lose.

Keep that in mind and swallow your pride if you think that is going to happen. Your rank will thank you.

The Cosmic Cube is a great mechanic

At the end of the day, this is an awesome mechanic in Marvel Snap.

Not only does it give you the chance to increase your rank quicker, but you can also use it to psyche out your opponents and possibly bluff a bad hand.

Marvel Snap is available on AndroidiOS, and Steam.

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