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Marvel Snap is a mobile card game that gets a lot right

Wait, Marvel Snap is actually… awesome?
marvel snap screen showing characters
Credit: Marvel

Marvel fans looking for a new game to pass the time have a new option in the form of Marvel Snap, a new card-based hero collector.

Released this week after a teaser earlier in the summer, Marvel Snap from Nuverse looks to blend some traditional TCG elements with fast-paced gameplay.

For Marvel fans, you’ll have plenty of iconic superheroes to collect and strategy players should appreciate the quick battles that typically only take a couple of minutes.

That’s perfect for a mobile game, as often we’re picking them up while waiting for a meeting or riding the bus into school.

If you’ve played other card games, like Magic: The Gathering, you’ll have somewhat of an idea of how Marvel Snap works.

Marvel Snap video gameplay

Cards have power levels and abilities, and to win you must take over two out of three locations. It sounds simple (and it is) but like most strategy games, mastering it will take much longer.

We’re going to make a bold claim right now, but Marvel Snap might be the best digital card game on the market right now. Especially for players that can’t (or won’t) spend money on a mobile game.

marvel snap cards showing different abilities
Credit: Marvel

On top of the addictive gameplay, Marvel Snap has gone with a monetization strategy that really respects the players.

Sure, there is a battle pass, but quite frankly, we think battle passes are a decent way to finance a free-to-play game. On top of that, you can’t spend money to buy booster packs with new cards.

There is a cosmetics shop, however, where you can drop real money on alternate art versions of your favorite cards.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about Marvel Snap, and we’re excited to spend more time with the mobile game in the days and weeks ahead.

Marvel Snap is now available on Android, iOS, and Steam.

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