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Marvel Snap is in desperate need of a true casual mode

Marvel Snap has been a breath of fresh air, but it’s in desperate need of a true casual mode that doesn’t force players into a ranked system.
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As a former Magic: The Gathering player, Marvel Snap has been a breath of fresh air, but it’s not without its problems.

The main one? The lack of a true casual mode to play for fun and to test out decks.

Currently, Snap only allows for ranked matches and private matches with friends. Playing with friends is a blast, but they are not always available.

Playing in the ranked mode automatically puts a stress on the game, as you risk losing rank and possibly missing out on the ladder rewards you get every ten levels.

Is it a huge problem? No, but it feels like it could become one.

Why Marvel Snap needs a casual mode

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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Marvel Snap needs a casual mode for one major reason – burnout.

Constantly feeling pressured to perform well means less time playing decks you want to play, and more time playing meta decks like Shuri Red Skull and Thanos Lockjaw.

There have been many sessions I have wanted to try out fun decks, but after a couple of losses and retreats — and watching my rank slowly fall — I ultimately end up switching right back to tried and true decks.

That gets exhausting and ultimately makes me and other players I’ve spoken with get a little burned out on the experience.

I have a ton of cool cards I would love to try out, but currently can’t without worrying about dropping rank. And I don’t want to look at guides more than I have to, because then I become a meta-chasing, min-maxing obsessive fool. Which also leads to burnout.

A casual mode takes that pressure away and allows gamers to play for fun, while also giving everyone the option to test out their own decks through turn 6 without pressure from the Cosmic Cube.

How would players be rewarded for casual game modes?

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Of course, a casual mode raises one question: What happens to rewards?

You couldn’t reward the same number of boosters for casual games as then far fewer people would play the Ranked mode.

I propose that casual games reward half the number of boosters as Ranked games. Additionally, Daily and Season Pass missions would be locked to Ranked mode, as well.

That would avoid abuse and still the Ranked mode player base healthy.

Sure, the easier answer here is to just stop caring about rank. But my lizard brain can’t do that. I see a goal put in front of me and I feel pressure to reach it, especially if that is my only option.

Is a casual mode necessary?

Ultimately, having a casual mode probably isn’t necessary, but I believe we will start seeing more players drop off from the pressure of only having a Ranked mode.

Marvel Snap developers have noted that they have plans for more game modes in the future, so hopefully, this is something they are at least considering.

If not, you can catch me around Rank 50 this season, begrudgingly running an off-meta deck and retreating on turn 3.

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