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New Marvel Snap update adds Silver Surfer and Token Shop

There are a lot of great updates coming to Marvel Snap in December.
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Marvel Snap continues to improve, and a new developer update video highlights changes coming to the game in December.

Marvel Snap’s next season has been revealed. It’s called The Power Cosmic, starts in December, and focuses on cards like The Collector and Infinaut.

Additionally, the developers are adding a new card — a personal favorite — Silver Surfer.

silver surfer card in marvel snap
Credit: Marvel Snap

This 3-cost, 0-power card will give all of your other 3-cost cards +3 power. It looks like a solid card and there are a ton of great 3-cost cards that it should play well with.

Introducing the Token Shop

marvel snap token shop
Credit: Marvel Snap

Starting with the next season, players can start collecting Collectors Tokens. These will be available to players that have reached Collection Level 500.

Essentially, these Tokens can be collected from caches and then spent in the new area of the shop. This shop will only show cards you don’t have. Additionally, if you see a card you want but don’t have the Tokens for it, you have options.

Players will be able to ‘pin’ cards in the Token Shop. When pinned, the card will not rotate out. That will give you time to save up more Collectors Tokens.

Players that reach level 500 in the Collection Level before the update will also receive 3,000 Collectors Tokens as a bonus.

Series 4 and Series 5 cards

Finally, coming with the new season, players will have a bunch of new cards to collect.

Currently, cards stop at Series/Pool 3. Now, however, with the update, Series 4 and Series 5 is being introduced.

Unlike past card pools, which require you to collect them all before advancing to the next, Series 4 cards can be obtained at any time. They are very rare, according to the developers.

Then, Series 5 cards are “ten times more rare” than Series 4 cards. Don’t expect to collect these all in an evening of grinding.

Marvel Snap’s new season is coming soon

The new season is coming in early December, so make sure to get those levels in to prepare for the new Token Shop.

Marvel Snap is available on AndroidiOSBlueStacks, and Steam.

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