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Marvel Snap variant upgrades (Infinity splits) explained

Don’t stop upgrading cards in Marvel Snap – you never know what you might get.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

One of the most fun aspects of Marvel Snap is getting new card variants and updating them using card boosters.

You probably know that once you get Infinity level, you get a copy of the variant but with a holographic background.

But did you know that the more times you reach Infinity, the more options you unlock for card backgrounds and card effects?

These are typically called Infinity splits and are broken down into two categories: Background effects and Particle effects.

Both can drastically alter the way the card looks and give players more reason to upgrade cards in Marvel Snap.

Let’s dive in and explore what you can get when upgrading cards to Infinity level.

Marvel Snap Infinity splits broken down

We’re going to break this first section down into Background effects and Particle effects. From there, we’ll go over your percent chance of getting these different elements.

Background effects

The first thing you’ll notice when reaching Infinity level the first time with a card is that you gain the option to reset the card.

Resetting the card gives splits the card into another standard border variant of the card, BUT you a new background.

This can either be a Foil or Prism background. There’s a 50% chance to get either on your first Infinity split.

marvel snap prism and foil variants
Prism shown on left, foil shown on right (Credit: MobileBytesGG)

After Split 3, you have the chance to get an Ink background that drastically changes how your card looks.

marvel snap ink variant
Credit: Reddit

Then, on Split 5 and 6 (and beyond), you have the chance of getting the Gold background.

marvel snap gold background
Credit: Reddit

At present, these are all the options for background effects. Personally, we hope to see more of these added, especially ones that offer different colors past gold.

Just imagine being able to get purple or red foil to match certain cards. It would certainly elevate the looks of some cards.

Particle effects

Once you hit Infinity split 2, your cards receive a Particle effect, as well. There are currently four Particle effects in Marvel Snap.

These include Glimmer, Comic, Sparkle, and Krackle Flare. Krackle Flare is also sometimes referred to as Kirby Crackle.

On Splits 2 and 3, you only have the option of getting Glimmer or Comic.

marvel snap prism and foil variants
Glimmer is shown on right, Comic is shown on left (Credit: MobileBytesGG)

On Splits 4 and 5, you also have the chance of getting the Sparkle particle effect.

marvel snap sparkle effect
Credit: Reddit

Finally, on Split 6 and beyond, you have a small chance of getting Kirby Crackle.

marvel snap kirby crackle effect
Credit: Reddit

Hopefully, like the Background effects, we will see more of these introduced into the game.

Additionally, it’s important to note that some of the color options within the different effects can change when doing an Infinity split.

Infinity split percent chances

So now that you know exactly what effects you can get, just how likely are you to get them?

Well, some of them can be pretty tough. Here’s the information shared on the Marvel Snap Discord regarding Infinity split chances:

marvel snap infinity split percent chances
Image: Marvel Snap Discord

Of course, these percent chances could change in the future as more options are made available.

Personally, it is still quite rare to see the Gold and Kirby Crackle option. We’ve only seen Gold maybe twice and the same goes for Kirby Crackle.

We imagine that these current options will stay for a while longer until more people start getting the rare effects and they become more common in matches.

Marvel Snap continues to kick ass

Second Dinner, the devs of the game have truly created something special with Marvel Snap, and we can’t wait to see where the game goes in the future.

If you are looking for more Marvel Snap info, make sure to read the suggested reading below to learn more about the game’s mechanics, card variants, and more.

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