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Marvel Snap’s new Black Panther card looks great

Black Panther’s ability can get out of control VERY quickly.
marvel snap black panther card
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Marvel Snap’s new Season Pass, Warriors of Wakanda, is here, bringing a handful of new cards to the game, including Black Panther.

Marvel Snap seasons (and decks) are all about themes, and this Season Pass is focused on the new Black Panther card.

marvel snap black panther variant
Credit: MobileBytesGG

It’s a five-energy, four-power card. By itself, that’s kinda bad, but its ability takes it over the top.

Its ability is “On Reveal: Double this card’s power.” So, instantly, you now have a five-energy, eight-power card. Pretty solid, right?

But, other cards included in the Season Pass perfectly complement the card. Nakia, for example, is a three-energy, one-power card that gives the two leftmost cards in your hand +2 power.

Then, Okoye, who is included as a variant in the Season Pass, gives all cards in your deck +1 power.

nakia and okoye cards
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Now, as you can see, Black Panther quickly becomes a powerhouse that can get out of control quickly. But, in my best Billy Mayes voice, that’s not all.

You have locations that could make the card even more powerful and six-drop cards like Odin could be used to sling Black Panther’s power up even higher.

Overall, we’re extremely excited about the new Season Pass. Black Panther (the comic, movies, and card) is great, and the artwork for the new batch of cards is stellar.

You can currently snag the Season Pass for $9.99 USD. Marvel Snap is available on AndroidiOS, and Steam.

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