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Mobile game maker Spry Fox acquired by Netflix

Netflix is serious about gaming, but will anyone care?
netflix logo with stranger things mobile game
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Spry Fox, maker of games like TripleTown and Cozy Grove, has been acquired by streaming giant Netflix.

Announced in a blog post, Spry Fox notes that it is becoming the sixth in-house studio for the company. This is all part of Netflix’s growing commitment to the mobile game space.

David of Spry Fox notes that Netflix will continue to let the studio make the games it wants to make. But that the deal allows for more support.

More importantly, it allows the developers to focus on the games and less on how those same mobile games generate profit.

On top of that, current games will still be available in their current form on the same platforms they were already available.

Spry Fox offers games on Epic Games Store, Steam, Android, and iOS.

spry fox games
Screenshot: MobileBytesGG

Current development efforts, including a non-violent MMO, are still underway, as well.

It’s clear that Netflix is serious about gaming, so time will tell how the streaming giant plans to promote its efforts.

It already struggles with that enough, so hopefully, the company has a plan in place.

Mobile gaming continues to be a big ticket item, and it’s clear that isn’t slowing down. Even with new regulations in place to prevent things like loot boxes.

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