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Mobile game news, events, updates – Week 3, December

Final Fantasy 7 has been delayed on mobile, Genshin starts a new event, and more.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Being a mobile gamer is tough. There are new games coming out constantly, new collabs, and more. That’s why we try to collect the most important mobile game news in one place.

While it would be impossible to learn about everything happening in a single week, we live and breathe mobile games. Which means we see A LOT of things.

That’s why, each week, we’re going to curate some of the biggest mobile game news, events, updates, and collaborations for global game titles.

What’s happening in mobile games this week

As the holidays gear up, expect lots of in-game events from your favorite mobile games.

New game releases are slowing down as the year ends, but there is still plenty of things to keep an eye on.

Genshin opens up new Akitsu Kimodameshi event

genshin impact akitsu kimodameshi event
Credit: HoYoverse

A new Genshin Impact event just released, and players that complete it will earn a crown, other items, and a limited-edition sword.

Called the Toukabou Shigure, the 4-star sword will give players the following bonus:

After an attack hits opponents, it will inflict an instance of Cursed Parasol upon one of them for 10s. This effect can be triggered once every 15s. If this opponent is taken out during Cursed Parasol’s duration, Cursed Parasol’s CD will be refreshed immediately. The character wielding this weapon will deal 16% more DMG to the opponent affected by Cursed Parasol.

It’s definitely an interesting weapon, so make sure to participate in the event to snag it before it is gone forever (or until next year).

Final Fantasy 7 mobile beta has been delayed

If you were excited to participate in the Final Fantasy 7 mobile beta, we have bad news.

Polygon has announced that the game, originally announced in June, will not have a beta release until 2023 to “make the game even better.”

Netflix adds new games to mobile

netflix logo with stranger things mobile game in background
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Netflix continues to push into the mobile game space. Now, the company is adding two more – Kentucky Route Zero and Twelve Minutes.

These games will be available to all subscribers, including those on the ad-supported tier.

Alchemy Stars celebrates 1.5 years with new event

alchemy stars 1.5 year anniversary event
Credit: Alchemy Stars

To help celebrate a successful 1.5 years, Alchemy Stars is hosting a new event that lasts from December 15 through January 12.

Players will be able to earn a ton of rewards, including recruitment tickets. There will also be special character banners and a new mode for idol training.

Mobile game news is coming in hot

These are only a few of the major announcements currently going on. As more news drops, we’ll update this post to include it.

And if you have any hot tips, make sure to drop them in the comments or contact us with more information. We’ll update the post and give you credit for the find.

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