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Mobile game news, events, updates – Week 4, November

We scour the internet, gathering mobile game news, collab announcements, and updates. Here’s what is going on at the end of November.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Being a mobile gamer is tough. There is a constant stream of news, updates, and collabs happening across countless games.

While it would be impossible to learn about everything that is happening in a single week, we live and breathe mobile games. Which means we see A LOT of things.

That’s why, each week, we’re going to curate some of the biggest mobile game news, events, updates, and collaborations for global game titles.

Here’s what’s happening in mobile games right now

From highly-anticipated releases to the weirdest collabs, here’s what’s to know this week.

Marvel Snap update brings new store and balance changes

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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Marvel Snap’s latest update brings with it balance changes to a handful of cards, visual updates, and a new shop.

The new shop will allow players to obtain specific cards from various Pools.

Apex Legends Mobile takes home App Store game of the year

apex legends mobile
Credit: EA

Apex Legends Mobile, the hit battle royale, has earned Apple’s App Store game of the year.

The game has been hugely popular across consoles, PCs, and mobile. Will it be able to maintain its mobile crown when Call of Duty Warzone Mobile releases? Time will tell.

Nikke continues to get updates

nikke characters in military uniforms
Credit: ShiftUp

Goddess of Victory: Nikke continues to get updates to fix its multiple issues. Essentially, a lot of skills were broken, and the developers continue to push updates to improve things.

There are even talks of a class action lawsuit against ShiftUp regarding the recent SSR banner controversy.

Pokémon Go Season 9 starts December 1

Season 9 of Pokémon Go is called Mythical Wishes and takes place from December 1 to March 1.

Raids throughout December will include Virizion and Mega Abomasnow, Terrakion and Mega Aggron, and more.

mobile legends bang bang gameplay
Image: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

According to Pocker, Tencent goes to trial Nov. 29 over copyright infringement claims.

The claims come from Moonton, a subsidiary of Bytedance. Essentially, Moonton is claiming that Tencent has infringed on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

There’s an interesting history here, so definitely head over to read Pocket’s report.

Mobile game news is coming in hot

These are only a few of the major announcements currently going on. As more news drops, we’ll continue to update this post throughout the week.

And if you have any hot tips, make sure to drop them in the comments or contact us with more information. We’ll update the post and give you credit for the find.

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