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Mobile games like Vampire Survivors

We’re on the hunt for the best mobile game alternatives of Vampire Survivors.
vampire survivors shown on an iphone
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We’ve been playing the heck out of Vampire Survivors on PC, but sometimes we just want to game from the couch. This is why we’ve gone on a search for mobile games like Vampire Survivors.

While we would love a Steam Deck to play the game on the go (maybe one day), there are some great mobile alternatives already available on Android and iOS.

We’ve been in the weeds trying these games out and have found three Vampire Survivors alternatives that actually play great on phone. Let’s dive into them.

Games like Vampire Survivors for your phone

Ultimately, the success of the PC game has spawned a ton of imitators, and we’ve played a ton of them.

That said, this genre of action roguelike has been around for a while, so there are some veterans in the space, also. These are our favorites:

Look, we’re going to get this out of the way. This has been our favorite Vampire Survivors-like game we’ve played. The weapons are interesting, the graphics are fun, and the controls are tight.

We have found that the gameplay of has the best replayability, and we definitely find ourselves playing just “one more game” quite often.

Our biggest issue with the game and something we feel about all of these mobile offerings is that movement feels a bit “floaty.” But, we’re not terribly surprised by that, as there is something to be said for the physical keys on Vampire Survivors. is available on both Android and iOS.

Magic Survival

Magic Survival is another solid option in the roguelike space. One thing about this one that is different is that the graphics are more on the minimal end.

While this doesn’t take away from gameplay at all, some players might not love this aspect. But for those using budget phones, it could be a great option.

It features plenty of zones to conquer and lots of spells and abilities to try out.

Magic Survival is only available on Android, with no word on an iOS release.

Super Wizard

Super Wizard combines trending mobile game graphics with tight gameplay to give mobile gamers a great Vampire Survivors alternative.

It also features enough of a story and quest line to motivate players to continue to push forward. We have enjoyed grinding out levels and exploring the different perk combos and wizards to see what works best.

The biggest issue with Super Wizard, and what keeps it from being our top pick, is its aggressive ad strategy. You can watch ads to double rewards, reroll perks, and more.

Super Wizard is available on Android and iOS.

Grimnight Heroes: Survivors

Grimnight Heroes: Survivors is our wildcard on the list. It’s true to the formula presented above and honestly feels a lot like Vampire Survivors in its presentation.

The monetization is also really nice, with just the occasional ads from our time with it. You can also pay 99 cents to remove them completely.

Overall, we have enjoyed our time with the game, but pacing feels just slightly off for us. But that might not be true for everyone.

Grimnight Heroes: Survivors is available for both Android and iOS.

Lonely Survivor

Lonely Survivor is another option that players are latching onto. We prefer the aesthetics of over this one, but the two do feel very similar.

The monetization seems pretty standard, as well, but admittedly, we haven’t reached any sort of end game to confirm.

Lonely Survivor is available on both Android and iOS.

These mobile alternatives all offer hours of gameplay

At the end of the day, Vampire Survivors is a ridiculously fun game, and we’ve sunk tons of hours in at this point.

While these mobile alternatives are a lot of fun, it’s hard to say they replace Vampire Survivors. That said, if we had to choose one, we had the most fun with

Do you have any other suggestions for games in this genre? Let us know in the comments!

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