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Shadow raids come to Pokémon Go (updated)

There’s no official word regarding these raids at this time.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

August 2023 – Shadow raids are now in Pokémon Go and players can take on 1-star, 3-star, and 5-star Shadow raids.

These are in-person only, tougher than normal raids of the same difficulty, and feature a new item that can be used in-raid to make the fight easier.

If you’re bored with the raids in Pokémon Go, a new leak could seriously shake up the raid scene in the form of Shadow raids.

As reported by PokeMiners, code has been added to the game that references a new raid type called, you guessed it, Shadow raids.

Shadow Pokémon are powerful glass cannon Pokémon that you typically acquire through grunt battles. But, don’t let their low defense scare you away, they are great in PvP and raids.

Looking at the code, it’s even possible that there will be five different tiers of Shadow raids. If the code is accurate, that could mean the return of two-star raids.

shadow raids code pokemon go
Credit: PokeMiners

Of course, there is a caveat here and one that is ultimately a negative to the game – a new raid pass.

That means players who have hoarded standard Raid passes are potentially going to have to cough up some coins to participate in these.

It’s unclear how remote raids will work at this time. But it does seem that players will be able to remote into them.

We’ve yet to see any official confirmation from the developer, Niantic, but we’ll continue to monitor this new report.

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