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New Wuthering Waves video showcases all characters and skills

Wuthering Waves looks so good. Fingers crossed we see a global release before 2030.
wuthering waves mobile game
Credit: Kuro Game

If you have been looking for a new action game for your smartphone, then Wuthering Waves is definitely one to keep an eye on. Now, a new YouTube video showcases the characters, skills, and attack animations.

At present, the mobile action game is not scheduled to release any time soon. We don’t expect it until 2023, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about new gameplay footage.

As expected, the game seems to have some pretty fluid animations. Hopefully, these will not kill all of our phones, but we expect this game will be much better on higher-end devices.

Wuthering Waves characters, skills, and attack animations

10/11/2022: The video has been removed from YouTube. But new, official gameplay footage shows the true potential of Wuthering Waves. Check it out here.

One interesting note from this video is just how interesting the characters look. They look great, and it’s interesting that Kuro Game is going for the darker aesthetics. We love the vibes, but it definitely isn’t for everyone.

Regardless, this video is a great showcase of the characters and just has us even more excited for the gacha game when it eventually releases.

Wuthering Waves looks promising. It has an awesome aesthetic and its exploration mechanics look like a blast. That’s a winning combo in our books, and we can’t wait to see more for this Android and iOS game.

10/11/2022: New gameplay footage shows the true potential of Wuthering Waves. Check it out here.

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