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Does No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch have multiplayer?

Look, we’ve got some bad news about No Man’s Sky multiplayer on the Switch.
no man's sky on nintendo switch
Credit: MobileBytesGG

No Man’s Sky is a fantastic Switch port. But some of the game’s features (including multiplayer) differ from its PC and Xbox/PlayStation counterparts.

While the PC version allows you to meet up with other players in the Anomaly and travel around the universe, the Switch version sadly doesn’t offer that same level of connectivity with friends.

Because of this, No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch features limited multiplayer capabilities.

While this is a bummer, it doesn’t tell the full story. Even though you cannot actively play with friends, No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch still uploads your discoveries and base to the Universal Record.

no man's sky exploration
Credit: MobileBytesGG

This means that your presence in the universe is still there, and friends can check out the awesome structures you’ve built (even if you aren’t there to see them).

To do that, you’ll have to share the specific coordinates through the in-game Glyph system. From there, your friends can teleport to your home away from home to check out your hard work.

As of February 2023, there has been no update on Hello Games’ plans for No Man’s Sky multiplayer on the Switch. We’ll continue to update this post as more information is made available.

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