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Noobs in Combat is a turn-based Roblox experience

Noobs in Combat is a refreshing sight on a Roblox page amidst a sea of odd anime and grindy simulator games.
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Credit: Roblox

Noobs in Combat (NiC) is a refreshing sight on a Roblox page amidst a sea of odd anime and grindy simulator games.

Although it is a strange occurrence to see, it still may attract one’s eye, as it has turn-based gameplay coupled with the allure of unlocking more powerful things use during a playthrough. These traits are enticing enough, but their ease and enjoyment set this game apart.

Making a game easy enough to learn but hard to master is a difficult thing to do in a game and still be fun; being able to do this will make your game shine and set it above the others.

What we like about Noobs in Combat

NiC offers easy tutorials at the start, and learning the game is fast. But being good at the game and beating it requires much stronger units and better strategy. The units are unique, and the different tech trees distinguish what you will get more than in other games. 

In the vehicle tree, you may get a heavy tank or a scout car. In the infantry tree, you may get a sniper or machine gun. You start with basic infantry and a supply wagon, which you use for ammo, healing, and refueling vehicles.

But you don’t have to worry about that until later. The basic riflemen don’t do much damage and are incredibly weak against vehicles, which the enemy won’t wield until later, but they are adequate for now.

Suppose you aren’t satisfied with these basic riflemen. In that case, you can always use the resources given by completing missions to get more units from your tech trees.

Improving your squad

noobs in combat gameplay
Credit: Roblox

Each tree – infantry, artillery, vehicle, navy, special – can be broken down into units. These can be evolved by using them in battle and earning XP to evolve them even further.

There is an excellent amount of depth in the units of this game, and that is also shown by variations that can be bought with gems. But, rest easy, you don’t need your wallet for these gems. You can get them by completing an entire campaign, or a group of maps that follow the same period or setting. 

An example of an early campaign could be Home Madness. During this campaign, you are in an oversized house fighting toy soldiers through various rooms and the backyard. You can further your progression by getting items called ‘nuggets.’ These are needed for the most potent evolutions and vehicles. You can even rain missiles from the sky with either of the two special units in the game, the Radio Tech or the Light Gunship – unlocked in the end game. 

The possibilities are nearly endless when putting these together. Along with having around 10-15 slots for those units in the late game, one can create as many ways to defeat the enemy as possible. This aspect of creativity, as well as the fun and engaging level design, will keep you coming back to this wonderful game. Everything combines to make a great experience that you can even share with others in your lobby.

If you or your friends find yourselves playing NiC a lot, there is also a tycoon version called Noob Army Tycoon. This game is fun and will keep you engaged until you finally finish unlocking all the units and finish the tycoon once and for all.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, you can download Noobs in Combat for Roblox here.

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