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Overwatch 2 closed beta, cosmetics, and roadmap announced

Sadly, the PvE mode isn’t coming out until 2023.
overwatch 2 on nintendo switch
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Following today’s Reveal Event, the Overwatch team dropped a TON of new information.

In typical fashion, Blizzard produced a nearly flawless trailer for Junker Queen. The new tank hero will be available to play when the June 28th Closed Beta begins. The beta will introduce the new hero, as well as a brand new map. The sign-up for the Beta is now live.

The Overwatch team also announced a new tier of cosmetics in Overwatch 2. This Mythic tier of skins boasts color, mask, and decal customization.

The team also released an image of what appears to be gun charms. These cosmetics are likely going to be available as rewards from season passes.

Along with the cosmetics and Junker Queen announcement, the Overwatch team released their Game and Content Overviews. While most of the Game Overview has already been released, many fans seemed taken back at the PvE release of the game being pushed to 2023.

However, fans can take comfort in knowing that the Overwatch team has already mapped out the first three seasons.

The first two seasons of Overwatch 2 will not only bring four new heroes, seven new maps, and 60+ new skins, but a brand new game mode will be available on season one’s first day, October 4th.

2023 promises to bring more new heroes, maps, skins, battle passes, game modes, and the long-awaited PvE. While game development is always subject to change, the team’s transparency does bring some comfort.

Overwatch 2 will be available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on October 4, 2022.

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