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Path to Nowhere (SRPG): Gameplay, release date, pre-registration

Could Path to Nowhere be the next big SRPG on mobile?
path to nowhere characters in red and black
Credit: AISNO Games

Strategy RPGs (SRPG) seem to be one of the more forgotten genres in the mobile sphere. Now, new gameplay for the global release of Path to Nowhere (from Aisno Games) has us excited again.

That gameplay is in the form of a new teaser trailer revealed earlier this month. It highlights some of the action and grid-based gameplay, as well as some of the gacha characters.

Overall, the feel of the game is darker and, at times, reminds us of Arknights. But, instead of chibi models in-game, it uses full-sized models.

Path to Nowhere release date

UPDATE: As of 7:00 AM ET, Path to Nowhere downloads are now available.

Path to Nowhere now has an official release date. The game is slated to release on October 27, 2022.

The official time of server openings will be announced soon, as well. Make sure to continue reading below to learn how to pre-register for Path to Nowhere. You can also click the link in the embedded tweet above to pre-register.

Path to Nowhere gameplay trailer

As you can see from the trailer above, the art style is pretty solid in the game, but what really shines for us is the gameplay.

Some of the skill animations and characters look solid, and the boss battles seem interesting, as well.

It definitely maintains that Arknights feel (aka Tower Defense), but hopefully, the game tries to shake up the formula a bit. Arknights is extremely popular, but copying gameplay mechanics exactly will push a bunch of players away.

Path to Nowhere also has an official trailer out, so make sure to check that out below, as well.

Path to Nowhere official trailer

In this trailer, the focus is on Path to Nowhere’s world and characters.

While there isn’t a ton revealed, it does give players the chance to see if they vibe with the art style in the game.

How to pre-register for Path to Nowhere

path to nowhere pre-registration rewards
Screenshot: MobileBytesGG

To pre-register for Path to Nowhere, head to this link. On this page, you’ll see a red button prompting you to pre-register.

You’ll have to provide your email address and then can navigate to the appropriate App Store and Google Play Store pages.

Could this be the next great SRPG?

While there are some solid SRPGs out there, developers often lean more towards the traditional RPG games instead of adding that strategy element in.

Basically, think of the “strategy” tag as something that lets you move units around while still participating in turn-based content.

Who knows, maybe Path to Nowhere can make waves and bring around a resurgence of SRPGs. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

We feel like the genre has been a bit stale for global players for a while now, so hopefully, Path to Nowhere comes out guns blazing.

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