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Pokémon Go players frustrated at frequent raid crashes

Raid crashes are super demotivating and need to be addressed ASAP.
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

If you’ve been raiding in Pokémon Go recently, there is a decent chance you’ve encountered a raid bug – and you wouldn’t be alone.

Players across the globe have reported various types of crashes, mostly revolved around raiding (and a few concerning routes). We experienced this ourselves during Global GoFest.

The bug presents itself in various ways. Some players are unable to ever fully load into the raid, while others can play perfectly fine until it is time to bring in their second team.

pokemon go crashed raid screen
Credit: MobileBytesGG

In both instances, the bugs result in a white screen that can only be fixed by force-closing the game.

If you’ve done a raid recently and wondered why people seemed to leave right after starting, this could be the reason.

This bug can also be why it seems your squad is blazing through the raid, only to slow down tremendously halfway through as players get kicked out while selecting their second team.

Can you get back into the raid after the game crashes?

For raiders playing locally, you can force-close the game and then load back into the raid. However, for remote raiders, it can result in a lost remote raid pass.

Essentially, you need to be able to see the gym you were raiding at so that you can hop back in and not waste your raid pass.

The only other solution we’ve found, and this literally only worked once for us, was to wait it out. This can be risky however if your party is at risk of not completing the raid.

We really only recommend this method if you are doing a remote raid and are going to lose the remote pass anyway upon shutdown.

When did these Pokémon Go raid crashes start?

It’s unclear exactly when these raid issues started, but we first noticed them after a late July, early August update for Pokémon Go.

It was around that time that the frequency of local player issues and Reddit posts started ticking up.

We’ll continue to monitor and update this post as more information is made available. We’ve reached out to Niantic support for comment.

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