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When does Project Mugen release?

Another open-world action gacha is on the way, but when does it release?
project mugen logo and blurred background
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Project Mugen is one of the latest high-profile anime-inspired mobile games to gain traction thanks to a recent gamescom 2023 trailer (shown below). But, when does the game come out?

We’ll cut to the chase – Project Mugen does not currently have a release date. That said, preregistration is already available.

Sadly, developers NetEase and Naked Rain have yet to reveal a release date for the game. The pre-registration is live, however, which could be a promising sign.

We think Project Mugen will likely release in 2023, as we believe the developers will want to capitalize on the hype of the new trailer.

Watch the Project Mugen trailer

We know that trailers can be deceptive, but if Project Mugen can deliver on the open-world they’ve shown in the trailer, there could be a lot of fun here.

Learn more about Project Mugen

Project Mugen is an open-world action game that will be available on iOS, Android, PC, and even some consoles.

It will contain a gacha element, but it is unclear what players will be rolling for. Most likely, it will be characters (similar to Genshin Impact), but we could see weapon banners and costume banners in the game, as well.

We’re not sure how pay-to-win Project Mugen will be, but we’re not feeling great about how free-to-play friendly it will be.

Pre-register for Project Mugen by clicking on this link.

We’ll continue to update this article as more information is made available.

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