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Raven is a single-player card game meant for relaxation

It’s basically Rook, but with pretty mountains in the background instead of your grandma’s boring dining room.
raven card game showing mountain range in purple
Credit: Red River Games

Mobile gaming can often feel hectic as players grind to finish daily quests or clear higher-level stages. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative game for times when you want to relax? Raven, a single-player card game based on Rook, might be what you’re looking for.

The concept is simple. You and three computer players play Rook. One of the AI players is your teammate and you have to bid points and try to secure hands to reach your point total. All pretty straightforward, right?

Raven’s hook is its calming visuals and relaxing atmosphere. Play some simple hands of cards and let your mind relax. Enjoy some mountains and shit. Deep breaths. You know the deal. Check out the trailer below:

Overall, it looks like a simple, fun card game. No multiplayer means you don’t have to go try-hard mode or worry about other players cheating.

Raven (developed by Red River Games) is set to release on Friday, May 27 for both Android and iOS. The game isn’t free, however, and will set players back 99 cents. It is also getting a Steam release, it seems.

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