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Reverse: 1999 combines gorgeous visuals with card-based gameplay

Fingers crossed that Reverse: 1999 gets a global release.
reverse: 1999 screenshot showing woman with umbrella
Credit: Blue Poch

Mobile games come and go every week, but every now and then we run across one that stops us in our tracks. Today, we’re looking at Reverse: 1999. This unique mobile game combines some gorgeous visuals with a card-based combat system.

Currently, the game, developed by Blue Poch, is going through rounds of beta testing in China, but there are lots of signs that point to a potential global release down the line. Sadly, that date is completely unknown right now.

Regardless, we like to highlight mobile gacha games that are looking to shake the mold, and Reverse: 1999 seems to hit on that. Its gorgeous visuals and fully-voiced cutscenes make an already intriguing time travel story that much more interesting.

Gameplay footage is slim right now, but it looks to use a card system to execute moves in a turn-based RPG style. Moves are visually stunning and they also seem fully voiced.

People that have participated in the beta releases of the game have enjoyed the combat, but even with some information out there, finding out more details has been difficult.

We can’t wait to hear more about this game in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, we’ve compiled some of the different screenshots Blue Poch has shared on the game’s website.

Reverse: 1999 cutscenes and gameplay screenshots

While we wait for more news about the game, check out some of the official media from Blue Poch.

reverse: 1999 housing system
Credit: Blue Poch
red haired anime character in beautiful house
Credit: Blue Poch
miss radio on reverse 1999 android game
Blue Poch
mobile game showing characters and gameplay
Credit: Blue Poch

Reverse: 1999 is an interesting mobile game that is, sadly, still pretty mysterious. You can currently pre-register for it on TapTap on both Android and iOS.

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