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Roblox goes Godzilla with new Kaiju Universe

The expansiveness of Kaiju Universe makes it well worth playing
godzilla fighting another monster in roblox game
Credit: Roblox

If you haven’t been paying attention, there is one game that is very popular among the younger (and older) gaming community right now, that game being Roblox.

Roblox stays fresh by constantly churning out games within the game, either from the studio or the players themselves. Within Roblox right now there is a game based around Godzilla and everything that comes with this classic pop culture monster.

This game is called Kaiju Universe. Its scope of monster lore goes back to Toho’s original 1954 Godzilla.

It also reaches all the way to today with Godzilla Vs Kong and Godzilla King of the Monsters. On top of that, it includes Legendary’s iteration of our reptilian friend. 

What is Kaiju Universe?

The expansive reach of this game has put immense power into the player’s hands. Players can become anything from a Mothra larva to Monster Zero (King Ghidorah).

Of course, that’s only possible if you are dedicated enough to gather the needed currency and kaiju first.

roblox gamepla of kaiju universe showing red destoroyah in a city
Credit: Roblox

The currency in this game (G-Cells) is the main stopping point for most players. To get the strongest kaiju, “Destoroyah,” you will need 750,000 G-cells.

This is a lot, as when you kill another kaiju, you typically only get around 200 G-Cells. Then, on top of that, you will need Godzilla Jr. and Heisei Godzilla at level 100 to get this kaiju.

This is difficult because the required experience for each level continuously scales.

Getting to know Godzilla

Taking a step back, for those who don’t know about most Godzillas, there are multiple eras of Godzilla, most of them making an appearance in this game.

I, myself, can name only two eras, the Heisei era and the Legendary era. The Legendary era references the present, while the Heisei era ended in 1995.

While Godzilla is great, the kaiju I use most right now is called Jet Jaguar Beta for his hit-and-run playstyle. I like this style for two main reasons.

One, it is extremely enjoyable. And, two, it makes people really mad. Even though I usually die in the end, wasting a lot of time, at least I had fun in the process.

Mastering the different kaiju

It is hard to master kaiju as each attack has a different range and you have to judge the right time to use them.

For example, when I am in an at-distance fight with a Godzilla, but want to use the dash attack, I would be an easy target (the dash leaves you locked in animation for a few seconds).

There are nuances to even the strongest kaiju (except for the strongest kaiju) that can be used to take them down.

That includes the very powerful kaiju Godzilla Ultima. This kaiju is very slow, which one can play against to their advantage, utilizing a flying kaiju or a faster kaiju in battle.

Rodan and Frozen Behemoth

fire rodan and frozen behemoth in kaiju universe
Credit: Kaiju Universe

Let’s focus in on some of the kaiju I have found the most success with and their abilities.

Rodan, from the Heisei era, is my main flying kaiju. But, realistically, I haven’t leveled him as much as I’d like, because I’m focusing on leveling others.

Rodan’s play style is terribly annoying, he just camps in the sky, flying around pecking at other kaiju’s noses. Hopefully, that level 50 ability is worth the trouble.

Next up is the Frozen Behemoth, which I am not ashamed to say, I bought with real money. The Frozen Behemoth is a tank that does a ton of damage up close and destroys almost all other kaiju in a melee fight.

Titanus Kong and Godzilla

titanus kong in kaiju universe destroying stuff
Credit: Kaiju Universe

Right now, the kaiju I am mostly focused on leveling is Titanus Kong. Titanus Kong is a little complicated as he has an ability that changes his whole moveset and makes him stronger for a short period of time.

Naturally, I am leveling him because I need him at level 50 to get Mechagodzilla (as seen in Godzilla Vs Kong).

Another one of the kaiju I had to level to get Mechagodzilla is Godzilla from the same movie, which is fun to play because he has far-reaching melee attacks and a lot of health (almost as much as the Frozen Behemoth!).

The biggest difference in how Godzilla plays is that he has Atomic Breath, which is a ton of fun to use and is very powerful. This Atomic Breath is useful for taking care of flying kaiju such as the Showa Gigan and Heisei Rodan.

Speaking of Showa Gigan, it plays similarly to Heisei Rodan. Showa Gigan sits in the sky, shooting lasers and slashing people with metal claws.

Then there is Gezora. While it’s not a dramatic name,  it’s a squid monster, so the water mechanics are different from most kaiju in the game.

Kaiju Universe is absolutely worth your time

The expansiveness of this game makes it well worth playing, and I have sunk many hours into it to reach my goal of becoming stronger.

This game makes your time worth your while, sinking hours into it and making you very hard to defeat and strong enough to take on multiple kaiju at a time.

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