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SCP: Roleplay gets fresh updates within Roblox

The two-year old game is still getting some great updates.
roblox scp roleplay screenshot
Credit: SCP: Roleplay

One game that a lot of people have been re-discovering lately on Roblox is SCP: Roleplay.

This game is two years old but has been getting updates lately, gaining the game some traction in the process.

SCP: Roleplay is so named because it includes a community that is much older and much more vast than the experience or even Roblox itself. That community is the SCP Foundation. 

SCP: Roleplay is based around the amazing anomalies on the SCP website. This encyclopedia of over 6,000 creatures, monsters, and fictional, sentient anomalies makes up the SCP universe of beings.

The SCP Foundation was created in 2007, the same year Roblox launched, but this was just the beginning as, eventually, an entire community sprung forth. 

The most relevant update lately has been the September update, which added a Lower Graphics mode for players with potato PCs and a new SCP-3008 mode.

SCP-3008 is basically an IKEA that, once entered, is infinite.

It also restocks twice a week and has tall “employees” who have no face or internal organs and try to kill you at night.

Breaking down the teams in SCP: Roleplay

scp roleplay teams in roblox
Credit: MobileBytesGG

SCP: Roleplay has only a few anomalies (or SCPs), but it has plenty of different teams for you to choose from.

You have the Mobile Task Force (MTF), the D-Class, the scientists, the Chaos Insurgency, the 05 Council, and even the doctors.

There are more, but I can’t list them all here as it would take way too long. 

As for the teams, the Mobile Task Force (MTF) is the SCP Foundation’s elite group of operatives.

The MTF are sent out on the toughest jobs the Foundation has in the game. They are also the only team that can re-contain SCPs.

The D-Class is the Foundation’s guinea pigs, who are treated like actual guinea pigs. They are used to test different SCPs and usually meet horrible ends. 

The scientists are the only group who can take the D-Class away from the cells and test them. That is pretty much all they do.

The Chaos Insurgency is the biggest enemy of the Foundation. Try to end it and breach SCPs from containment as much as possible to cause chaos.

The 05 Council are the top of the SCP Foundation pyramid and give all the orders. If you fork over 20-25 dollars in Robux, you can become one and get a master key card — and a minigun, for some reason.

As for the doctors, they can take D-Class into the medical ward to check for broken bones and heal damage with a med kit. But, honestly, that’s about it.

SCP: Roleplay on Roblox is worth checking out

SCP: Roleplay is the third game that shows up when you search “SCP” in Roblox.

It is totally free and doesn’t even require an additional download if you already have Roblox.

If you find the right server, you will have a lasting experience of ridiculous fun.

That being said, it is a long game. It will take weeks of playing to max out every character, and it can also be very complicated. It all depends on who you play with. 

To keep the game fresh, the developers update fairly often (though not often enough, in our opinion).

Future updates could be adding voice chat and, most likely, some more SCPs to keep things new and interesting.

If you are looking for a great time sink with some wild characters and unceremonial deaths, look no further than SCP: Roleplay.

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