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What are AFK games?

You’ve probably seen ads for AFK games, but what exactly are they?
person playing afk game on mobile phone
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When it comes to playing mobile games, gamers have plenty of options. If you can dream it, there’s probably a game out there for you. One genre that has gained popularity in recent years is AFK games. So, what are AFK games?

To truly understand what an AFK game is, you first need to understand what AFK stands for. AFK stands for “Away from Keyboard.” It’s an old PC term people used to let others know that they were not at their computer and unable to respond.

Throughout the years, the definition of AFK has expanded to mean something that can be accomplished without effort or to let people know they can’t respond to something.

So, what are AFK games?

afk arena gameplay
Credit: MobileBytesGG

When it comes to AFK mobile games, the initials “AFK” hold true, while also expanding the traditional meaning of the term.

Essentially, AFK games (also called idle games) are games that reward players while they aren’t actively playing. Additionally, AFK games typically allow gamers to play the game without directly influencing combat decisions.

AFK mechanics

AFK Arena is a staple of the genre. In this game, players get in-game rewards while the app is closed. Then, when they load up the game, they can claim in-game gold, weapons, and other materials used to level up their characters.

Combat in AFK Arena is also hands-off for the most part. Fights are done completely automatically. Players are responsible for setting up their formations and gear sets.

Players can also use characters’ ultimate attacks manually, but typically that is set to “auto,” as well.

Because players are rewarded while not playing, AFK games are often disliked for relying on gacha elements to progress the game.

If you can get materials from not playing, then it makes sense that developers will need to make other things, like characters, the bottleneck for progression.

Are AFK games for you?

idle mania gameplay
Credit: Idle Mania

The main question here is – should you play AFK games? And, honestly, that comes down to you, the player.

Some gamers love the hands-off approach of AFK games and treat them as character collectors. Other players love to be directly involved in combat and material collection.

At the end of the day, AFK games are at least worth checking out. You might realize they are the perfect speed for your mobile gaming checklist.

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