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What are the rarest cards in Marvel Snap?

There are tons of cards in Marvel Snap, some more rare than others.
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At its core, Marvel Snap is a card-collecting game. Collecting more cards gives you more options for building competitive decks to earn cubes and gain ranks.

And, of course, not all cards have the same value. Some cards are easy to find, while others are more elusive.

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock cards through Collector’s Reserves. If you’re lucky, you might draw one of the rarer cards in the game. But which cards are the rarest?

Just a heads up – Pool 5 cards are the rarest cards in Marvel Snap. We list every Pool 5 card further into the article

Marvel Snap card rarity explained

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Marvel Snap drops cards to players based on five different series. They’re numbered one to five, with one being the most common and five being the rarest cards.

The cards from Series One and Two drop for everyone as you progress through the game. Once you collect all of those, the game starts dropping cards from Series Three through Five.

Each Collector’s Cache a player earns will have a 25% chance to drop a card. That comes out to a 22.25% chance for a Series 3 card, 2.5% chance for a Series 4, and 0.25% chance for a Series 5 card.

So which cards are the rarest?

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That means that any cards in Series 5 are the rarest cards in the game. Series 5 consists of new card drops and cards that recently left the game’s monthly battle pass.

Marvel Snap is constantly updating card pools, however. The game routinely demotes cards to lower pools, giving players more chances to pull those cards.

Although, there are a few cards that will seemingly never go down to a lower pool. Thanos, Kang, and Galactus are considered “big bad” characters and will remain in Series 5 unless something changes.

As of right now, there are 12 cards in Series 5:

Again, all but the first three of these will eventually come down to Series 4 as new cards replace them.

The three “big bad” cards will remain in Series 5, and there could be more permanent rare cards joining those three in the future.

Marvel Snap is available on AndroidiOSSteam, and emulators like BlueStacks.

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