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What is the max Collection Level in Marvel Snap?

If you’ve ever scrolled through the Collector Levels, you know there are thousands of them – but just how many?
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Credit: MobileBytesGG

Marvel Snap’s core gameplay loop requires players to earn boosters and use those boosters to upgrade cards.

When you upgrade cards, you earn points towards your Collection Level, which gives you milestone rewards for every handful of games.

If you’ve ever scrolled through the Collection Level meter, you know it goes on for a long time – but what is the max Collection Level in Marvel Snap?

The max Collection Level in Marvel Snap is 22,366.

Yes, you read that correctly. Players can currently reach a staggering 22,366 Collection Level. To put that in perspective, we play Marvel Snap a ton, and have only reached CL 2,300.

While you can technically go above 22,366, you stop earning rewards.

How do we know this? From a post in the Marvel Snap Discord from a player that reached the ridiculous milestone.

marvel snap max collector level
Credit: Reddit

A dev responded to the player, stating not only were they probably the first to reach the milestone, but that they would add more rewards in a future update.

So – how was a player able to reach this level? Well, cold-hard cash helped, as it allowed them to get more daily missions and continue to advance their Collection Level and Season Pass level.

Additionally, some believe they used an Agatha Harkness deck to help automate their games, but that’s unconfirmed at this time.

Regardless, you now know the max Collector Level in Marvel Snap. How close are you to reaching it?

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