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When does Archeland from Zlongame come out?

Archeland looks extremely awesome, but when is it releasing?
archeland game showing different characters
Credit: Zlongame

If you are craving a new strategy RPG (sRPG) game on your favorite mobile device, Archeland looks extremely promising. But, that begs the question – when does Archeland come out?

First revealed in early June 2022, the game has shown off a killer trailer that is definitely worth watching (we’ve included it below). But, there is still little known about the game, including its global release date.

According to NewsDirectory3, “Zlong Games aims to make [Archeland] a game where users can feel the unique strategy and tactics of an SRPG that utilizes combat maneuvers, attributes, and terrain elements, and added various tactical systems so that the play is not monotonous.”

When does Archeland release on mobile devices?

UPDATE: As of October 16, pre-registration is now available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for Korean players.

Live listings on the major app stores are a good sign of an official release date. But, we’re still monitoring this and will update this accordingly.

Sadly, Archeland does not have a global release date at this time. Hopefully, Zlongame and Black Jack Studio release more information about the mobile game in the coming months.

That said, Archeland pre-registration is now open, so head here to learn how to pre-register on both Android and iOS.

Additionally, you can click on the link above to sign up for the Closed-Beta Test (CBT). Signups end on October 12, but it is being reported that the CBT server starts on the same day.

We have applied and will update this accordingly if we get accepted.

A Korean release date has been confirmed

As of 11/11, Archeland developers have confirmed that the South Korean release date is set for December 7, 2022.

It will be available on Android and iOS, and it seems there will also be a PC client released in the same time frame.

You can check out the new promo video above for the release. Sadly, a global release date is still a mystery.

Archeland gameplay

Gameplay for Archeland is finally starting to trickle out, and we have to say, we’re getting more excited for this game with every new reveal.

Strategy RPG titles are a pretty underserved market in mobile games, and fans are always on the hunt for new ones with high production values. Hopefully, Archeland combines great graphics, solid gameplay, and good monetization practices.

New Archeland Korean trailer

Hype continues to build for the game. Now, a Korean trailer (shown above) is available, showing a couple of different characters, settings, and more.

It is important to note here that we don’t believe this to be any in-game footage. Instead, it looks like pre-rendered scenes.

On top of new videos, the game’s Twitter account continues to tease new characters and in-game events, as shown above:

Archeland CBT is now available

arceland cbt test message
Credit: Reddit

Reddit users are starting to share that they’ve received emails stating they were accepted into the Closed-Beta Test (CBT).

If you signed up, make sure to check your email thoroughly. It’s possible some invites got caught by spam filters.

Hopefully, testing — which starts on October 12 — goes well and we learn more about a global release before the end of the year.

Where to download Archeland when it releases

Archeland is expected to release on Android and iOS *waves vaguely* at some point.

If you want another SRPG game to play while you wait for more news, it might be worth checking out Fire Emblem Heroes.

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