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When does Tower of Fantasy release?

Will the Genshin Impact killer release in 2022?
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Credit: Hotta Studios

Tower of Fantasy is the highly-anticipated Genshin Impact killer, and people have spoken highly of the closed beta tests. But when does Tower of Fantasy release?

You would think that a game as hyped as this would offer clear roadmaps for its release, but sadly that had not been the case. Genshin Impact is ridiculously popular, but people like options. Tower of Fantasy could provide that.

It feels like it has been years since the initial reveal of the game, but is there an actual release date? Is Tower of Fantasy going to release in 2022?

When does Tower of Fantasy release?

Update: Tower of Fantasy is now available!

First, to clear things up, Tower of Fantasy is already available in China. So, if you can read Chinese and don’t mind some high ping, you have options. However, if you are a global player in other parts of the world, Tower of Fantasy is not yet available.

And sadly, we still don’t have a confirmed release date for ToF. That said, Hotta Studios, the game’s developer, notes that the game is scheduled for a 2022 release on Android, iOS, and PC.

You can learn more about Tower of Fantasy and keep up with new information regarding the title here. We’ll continue to update things as more information is made available.

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