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Who reveals first in Marvel Snap?

Learning the mechanics of Marvel Snap can be difficult – here’s what to know about turn order.
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Marvel Snap is a fun digital card game with unique mechanics that makes mastering the game difficult. For example, who reveals first in Marvel Snap?

We’ll cut to the chase. The player with more locations (or more total power in the case of a tie) reveals first in Marvel Snap.

It might seem like a simple question, but it is actually quite important. That’s because certain cards only trigger once your opponent has the card revealed on the board.

One good example is the Elektra card, which destroys a random 1-drop on the opponent’s side of the lane.

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It can be a fun card, but there are times when you end up revealing first, and the card ends up not doing anything for you. Why is that?

Who reveals their cards first in Marvel Snap?

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If you have been looking for an indicator to see who shows their cards first, it might have been staring you in the face. The glowing indicator around someone’s name shows who flips their cards first in Marvel Snap.

But, how is reveal order decided?

The person that reveals their cards first in Marvel Snap is the person that also owns the most locations.

That means that having a higher power level in two different locations (zones) will result in you flipping your cards first.

If there is a tie, look at each player’s nameplate. Whichever one is glowing will get priority and flip their cards first.

This is based on the total power of each player’s cards.

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And there you have it. A quick guide to understanding the turn and reveal order in Marvel Snap.

It should also be noted that some cards, like Ghost and Invisible Woman, can mess with the established turn order, as well.

But what about general gameplay? How does that work? We’ll provide a quick guide below.

How does Marvel Snap work?

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If you need a quick refresher on how Marvel Snap works, we’ve got you covered.

Essentially, your goal is to capture two out of the three zones within six turns. Each turn, you get an additional energy point to spend on cards, but leftover energy does not roll over.

Cards will have different power levels and abilities, and all of these aspects factor into how the score is calculated.

Each zone is also unique in each game, with them having their own perks and negatives. Zones are revealed on a turn-by-turn basis.

What is the ‘snap’ in Marvel Snap?

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Finally, players are going to want to know what the “Snap” part of Marvel Snap is.

Essentially, this is the cube at the top of the battle screen, located between the two players. This is called the Cosmic Cube.

If you “snap” during a game, the risks become greater, but so do the rewards. Players that use the feature during the game and win earn more ranking points.

Losers, however, drop more of their ranking. You can also retreat after your opponent snaps to mitigate some of that loss.

Marvel Snap is definitely worth checking out

Marvel Snap is a great mobile card game with a ton of possibilities. And it’s completely free-to-play.

Now that you understand the basics of turn order in Marvel Snap, get out there and destroy your opponents to help rank up your battle pass and cards.

Marvel Snap is now available on AndroidiOS, and Steam.

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