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Will Genshin Impact’s battle pass weapons ever change?

Genshin Impact veterans are certainly familiar with the battle pass weapons, but will HoYoverse ever update the options that are available?
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Genshin Impact veterans are certainly familiar with the battle pass weapons that have been available since launch. But, will we ever see new weapons, or should we just expect to R5 all of the current options?

Look, we’ll cut to the chase: We have no freaking idea. We would love to see some new battle pass weapons in Genshin Impact, but we aren’t holding our breath.

We’ve done a ton of research on this, and haven’t found anything that points to a change in battle pass weapons. We’ve also reached out to HoYoverse and have not heard anything back.

While it might seem logical to introduce new weapons to get people excited, we believe HoYoverse will continue to keep them the same for the time being.

Why are season pass weapons always the same in Genshin Impact?

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We play a lot of games and do a ton of research on these things. We believe HoYoverse will keep the current selection of battle pass weapons the same for one main reason: New and returning players.

Essentially, HoYoverse wants to give players the chance to max refine the battle pass weapons. While this isn’t really a problem for players that have played since the game’s launch, the developers also need to consider new and returning players.

Here are the five current battle pass weapons

  • Black Sword
  • Serpent Spine
  • Solar Pearl
  • Viridescent Hunt
  • Deathmatch

How bad would it feel to get R3 on your Black Sword only to realize you’ll never be able to R5 it due to a new selection of battle pass weapons?

That could be extremely discouraging to players and might make them stop playing (or at least stop spending money).

By keeping the weapons consistent, HoYoverse can offer all players the same experience.

Of course, veterans of the game might be dissuaded from getting the battle pass if they have all available weapons at max refinement, but that will take players a long time to reach R5 on the five different weapons.

Genshin Impact’s battle pass weapons are nice, but not necessary

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Ultimately, Genshin Impact’s battle pass weapons aren’t game-breaking, but they are nice.

Options like the Black Sword, Serpent Spine, and Solar Pearl see some use, and others fit niche builds really well.

We would love to see some new weapons from HoYoverse, but we aren’t holding our breath. If anything, it’s possible Genshin Impact 4.0 and Fontaine will bring new weapons, but again, we don’t know.

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