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Wuthering Waves is coming to the Epic Games Store

Well, this is surprising.
wuthering waves logo in white
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Wuthering Waves has a ton of people excited, but we’re still waiting on a release date. But, that said, we do have some news regarding the mobile game.

Announced this week by developer Kuro Game, Wuthering Waves will be available on the Epic Games Store when it eventually releases.

wuthering waves epic games store announcement
Screenshot: MobileBytesGG

This is a pretty exciting announcement for gamers that use the Epic Games Store. That said, the game is still expected to have a dedicated launcher at some point, so using Epic Games will not be necessary.

But, that point may prove interesting due to a new announcement regarding the Epic Games Store. We’ll dive into that below.

Why is Wuthering Waves coming to Epic Games Store?

The big question here is why this is happening. For one, it does give the game another way to garner attention, but we believe there is another reason for this announcement.

wuthering waves characters on screen
Credit: Kuro Game

Epic Games just announced that it was offering developers 100% of revenue for six months in exchange for six months of exclusivity.

To break that down, you first need to understand how App Stores and PC storefronts typically operate. When dealing with App Stores and storefronts, the owner of the App Store (Google, Apple, Steam, etc.) gets a percentage of all sales.

This can range from 5-20% on average. So, by offering this deal, developers can maximize profits for six months.

Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed that Kuro Game is participating in this promotion, and we’re not completely sold on this idea. For one, Kuro Game would be limiting its audience by making this decision.

With gacha games, getting an early start is often important to gamers, so it’s possible they could actually lose money and players with this decision.

It’s also not clear if Epic Games considers Apple and Google’s App Stores when dealing with PC exclusivity.

We’ll continue to monitor this news and update accordingly.

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