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Wuthering Waves mobile game teaser looks amazing

Wuthering Waves’ new teaser trailer doesn’t provide much info, but it still has us extremely hyped.
wuthering waves mobile game
Credit: Kuro Game

If open-world mobile games are your style, then the upcoming Wuthering Waves is one game to keep an eye on. Now, the company behind Punishing: Gray Raven has released a trailer and the hype is extremely real.

Very little is known about Wuthering Waves at this time. But the highly-produced teaser trailer has us excited for the production value of the game. Obviously, that shouldn’t be the only gauge. But we’ll take what we can get for now.

Check out the Wuthering Waves teaser here:

Kuro Game has knocked it out of the park with Punishing: Gray Raven, which gives us high hopes for this title.

Obviously, because it is an open-world mobile game, many people are going to want to compare it to Genshin Impact. But that is doing an injustice to both games. Games can exist in the same space without needing to be compared.

It is believed that more information will be made available on this game tomorrow, May 26, so we’ll make sure to keep this post updated.

Wuthering Waves is expected to release on Android, iOS, and potentially a dedicated PC client. There is no word of a regional or global release date at this time.

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