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When does Wuthering Waves release?

Kuro Games has been showing off the game for over a year – does it have a release date yet?
wuthering waves logo in white
Credit: MobileBytesGG

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming mobile action game from the studio that brought us Punishing: Gray Raven, but when does it release?

We’ll cut to the chase – Wuthering Waves does not have a confirmed global release date as of August 2023.

Sadly, we’re still waiting for an official release date. At this time, our research points to a 2024 release date, and possibly a second-half 2024 release. But, that is unconfirmed.

That said, Kuro Games has revealed some details about the game in 2023.

Specifically, a closed beta for US and Canadian users started on April 24, 2023. It has now finished. After feedback, Kuro Games has noted some changes it plans to implement once the game fully releases.

At present, there has been no word on another beta release.

However, this website will let you preregister for the game. Preregistration in mobile games typically increases the amount of launch rewards players receive once the game officially launches.

Closed beta gameplay trailer

Ahead of the closed beta which starts on April 24, Kuro Games has released a new beta gameplay trailer.

You can watch that above. In the trailer, we get a look at some of the many characters of the game, plus a quick clip of some of the English voice-acting work.

Continue scrolling to check out the gameplay trailer from IGN.

Wuthering Waves gameplay

Kuro Games has been teasing Wuthering Waves for nearly a year now. But new footage really highlights how far the game has come. You can watch the footage from IGN above.

Obviously, people are going to compare this to games like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy. And those people wouldn’t be wrong.

It’s clear more developers are trying to capitalize on the success of those games, but we aren’t mad about it. Genshin Impact has shown how far developers can take free gacha games.

If Kuro Games can find the right balance of gameplay and monetization, Wuthering Waves could be a real winner.

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